For over 10 years my Brooklyn, New York Law Office has provided low cost legal services in the areas of Divorce (Uncontested or contested), Bankruptcy, Immigration, Civil litigation and Family Law. I also specialize in Administration for Children Services (ACS) matters, cases where an individual has been accused of Abuse or Neglect.Ten Things To Know About Divorce in New York.. As of October 13, 2010, you no longer need to have grounds to get divorced in New York. You can simply state that the marriage has irretrievably broken down for six months or more.. The new divorce law makes it easier to get maintenance before.To speak with a Poughkeepsie divorce attorney about your case, call Jonna Spilbor. Divorce is often one of the hardest things a person goes through in their life.. in divorce and separation codified in New York's Domestic Relations Law.Our team of Queens Divorce Lawyers have worked on every aspect of family. In New York State, the legal process to end a marriage is called a divorce.. on a divorce case, and how drastically these things can affect someone's judgment.You want an experienced New York City divorce attorney whose entire practice. One of the most challenging and difficult aspects of divorce is negotiating the.The New york city government sued T-Mobile yesterday. The defendants "violated the City’s consumer protection law.divorce Saloon presents the "top 10" male and female New york city divorce lawyers. New York City Divorce lawyers are some of the most revered in the country. We consulted numerous sources, including but not limited to, Superlawyers, Martindale Hubbell, Avvo, New york law journal, New York Magazine, Forbes, Google +, American Bar.Matrimonial and Family Law Blog. Friday, December 8, 2017. What is Considered Marital Property in New York? If you are in the midst of or considering a divorce in New York, you are probably wondering how the court will split up the property between you and your spouse..Our divorce lawyers endeavor to achieve for our clients the greatest benefits. The legal grounds (or reasons) for a divorce are set forth in the New York. To obtain a divorce on one of the fault grounds, a spouse must prove certain facts to the.